Designing a Bespoke Kitchen

Our Design Process:

To provide a realistic render to showcase your new kitchen, we now provide a design service as a part of the whole process as we understand that it may be hard to envision the space sometimes. There are many benefits of our design service, here are a couple:

Working closely with a Designer

Our main aim is to give our clients the best customer journey and to provide this we will work closely to your needs to design your new space.

We recognise that you understand the space better than anyone else.

Working closely with a Designer will give you the opportunity to change around the layout and functions and the colour and finishes to ensure that you are a 100% satisfied with the space before production.

Designing a Bespoke Kitchen
Designing a Bespoke Kitchen


Within the design service we include 3D Renders, Floor Plans, Labelled Renders with measurements and a Panorama View to give you the opportunity to realistically see the design within the space. By viewing your space before production it gives you the opportunity to see colours within the light and to envision how the space will work in reality as you might find that what you initially wanted could be made better to suit the space.

By choosing us to work with to create your new space, it does not matter how many times you decide to change the design as we want to ensure that every element is designed perfectly around your needs before starting manufacture. Providing this service to all of our clients around the UK such as Cheshire, Shropshire and The Wirral to save travel and to be able to make small changes via email is the way forward for our company we believe.

If you’re considering bespoke kitchens Shropshire we’d love to hear from you. Give Tony a call and we will do our best to help you.

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