choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen


Consider the whole room, generally we believe that if you have less space, a lighter shade will compliment the room better as a dark/bold colour can make a space feel tight and claustrophobic. If you do have the old kitchen installed, consider to yourself ‘Could I go darker?’ and ‘Does it close the space?’


Besides evaluating the space, another key factor is to evaluate the lighting in the space, this could be natural or artificial light. Generally the more lighting the room has, the more spacious it will feel even if it is a small space.

Remember that colours can look completely different depending on lighting therefore always swatch the colour within the room before deciding as it might look a completely different shade in natural to artificial and between day and night.


Consider how do you want to feel in this space by asking what is the purpose of the space exactly. You might be trying to achieve a cos country feel or it could be a modern communal space to host dinner parties, this will further define the mood setting and colour shades best for the space.

For example, we would suggest a lighter colour for a communal space as you want the kitchen to feel welcoming and to not feel overcrowded, which can happen with darken shade kitchens.

Choosing a colour scheme for your bespoke kitchen in Cheshire
Choosing a colour scheme for your bespoke kitchen


Ask yourself “will I still love this in 5 / 10 / 15 years?”. Going for a more neutral colour would be the safest option if you answered no, however this does not mean that you cannot go for the colour you love, it could mean that the best option for you would to decide for the muted option of the shade or move down shades for a lighter/calmer alternative. Remember that you want the space to showcase your personality and this is the beauty of bespoke, your colour palette could be a one of a kind.


As a Designer I believe that the safest option if you are between colours is to simply contrast! Remember hat contrasting two tone kitchens doe not always mean having a different colour island, it could be a contrast of base VS wall units, larder / pantry unit, canopies, open shelving and more. With a bespoke kitchen you choose how subtle or bold you want to be, it could be a contrast of painted VS natural cabinets by bringing a luxury feel to your home.

Test Always

The best option always is to swatch the colours in mind as you might feel that one suits the space and lighting better than the other. Remember that the most important opinion is your own, don’t be afraid to embrace your style and personality, this is the beauty of bespoke.

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