Bespoke handmade kitchens North Wales by Calon furniture in Conwy.

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens in North Wales

Each bespoke kitchen is individually designed and hand built to the highest standard. We work with you to design the kitchen that you want, it's then hand crafted in solid hardwood with a choice of finishes, before fitting it for you. We aim for 100% client satisfaction.

Benefits of having a bespoke kitchen: Uniqueness - knowing that you have a special completely original kitchen is a great feeling.

Functionality - as your bespoke kitchen has been designed entirely around your needs, it is sure to be more functional and easy to use than any other kitchen. You will know that every drawer, appliance, and cupboard has been fitted in its proper place and you will find yourself using the kitchen space in a far more natural and organic way. With a bespoke kitchen the frustration of not having things in the right place, of appliances being difficult to use, or food difficult to store is removed. A bespoke kitchen is far easier to use and a far happier place to be.

A bespoke kitchen no longer has to cost you and arm and a leg, and the features you need can be tailored to the specifications of your home for a reasonable price.

The great thing about a bespoke kitchen is that not only are they tailored to the precise specifications of your needs, so there will always be a natural variation, but there is also an amazing scope for variation in the choices of the finishes, colours and materials, you can choose from. This ability allows you to design a kitchen that reflects your lifestyle. If you live a fast paced city existence, then you may prefer a sleak ultra modern kitchen that is quick and easy to use, on the other hand you may prefer something completely different. The beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that it’s all up to you!

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